There is a war...........          Its happening now...That will decide the fate of humanity
The time to choose sides         has come.... He is the resistance.... He is .....


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The contrast between Al Franken and Monti Moreno on the issues couldn't be more vast, it's like night and day. Monti is for America, jobs, growth and business. Monti believes the 2nd Amendment was created by smarter men than  Al Franken; Franken, voted against the constitutional rights of every American by voting to remove every Americans second Amendment rights. Monti will fight for what is right. Monti looks forward to meeting you, greeting you and getting to know you and your concerns.


To protect Minnesotan's and all Americans rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is Monti’s purpose. Monti will fight for the hearts and minds of the Minnesota voter, with issues that protect the middle class, while not stifling the growth of business and job creation.  We can change America to her former greatness, one voter at a time and we can do it together. Let’s take our Country back!


Vote Moreno.

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